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Short-Term Chinese Training Programs at the International School of Tongji University
About Our Programs
We provide cooperative programs for group students from overseas universities or educational organizations, as well as preset programs for individual applicants. Our programs will help build up your Chinese vocabulary, advance your Chinese communication skills, and gain insight into Chinese culture by means of language training, role-play conversational practice, traditional Chinese cultural experience classes, sightseeing and excursions.
Certificates will be granted to each student upon successful completion of the program.
Healthy and responsible adults, aging from 18 to 65.
Study Period
  • Cooperative Programs with partner universities or institutions:
From 1 week to no longer than 3 months
※ We will make every effort to satisfy your specific requirements by offering well-designed and tailored programs.
  • Preset Programs for individual applicants:
In summer vacations (July - August) or winter vacations (January - February)
During each semester, students can also join the classes that are compatible with their Chinese proficiency level.
Course Arrangement
Our programs consist of Chinese classes every weekday morning and Chinese cultural experience classes (e.g., Chinese calligraphy, Chinese Painting, Chinese Paper Cutting, Chinese Songs, Chinese Seal-Carving, Tai Chi and Martial Arts, etc.) in the afternoon. Students will also have the opportunity to enjoy sightseeing activities (e.g., visit Shanghai Museum, the Bund, and watch a multimedia acrobatics show) in Shanghai and trips to neighboring cities. These activities and trips are not mandatory, but selective and self-paid upon your choice and preference.
Application fee:  400 RMB
Tuition fee:        3000 RMB (4-week program)
1.      The fees include textbooks and all language and cultural classes; while exclude weekend trips, special activities (e.g., multimedia acrobatic show, night cruise of the Bund, etc.), lodging fees and dining expenses. For more information on accommodation and meals, please refer to the "Accommodation and Meals" web page on the left column.
2.      Fees for cooperative programs with more than 10 students could be negotiated.
2012 Summer Chinese Training Program
Study Period
    August 6 – 31

        Program Schedule Please click to check out.

3 levels are available: Beginner, Elementary, and Intermediate.

Classes will open once the number of students reaches 10.
Application Procedure
Option 1: You may apply on our Online Application Platform
Option 2: You may download the Application Form and send it back to when completed.
Option 3: You may apply in person. Our office is at Room 205, the International School of Tongji University, 67 Chifeng Road, Shanghai, China (The address in Chinese characters is 中国上海市杨浦区赤峰路67号 同济大学国际文化交流学院).
After reviewing your application, we will send an electronic official Admission Letter to successful applicants. You may print it out to help with your Chinese visa application or for your personal reference.
When you come to our school for registration, please show your passport and also pay the application fee and the tuition fee in cash at Room 205.
Our textbooks are Questions and Answers: A Course of Speed-up Oral Chinese for Beginners and Conversational Chinese 301, etc.
Textbook Description Ⅰ
We can divide the book into sixteen lessons. Each of the eleven interrogative words constitutes one lesson, and the other five lessons are respectively entitled "Polite Words", "Asking Senses and Feelings", "Asking Needs and Hobbies", "Requests", and "Farewells". It is a highly acclaimed textbook, because it satisfies the needs of students: being original in its choice of topics and materials, focusing on learning how to ask questions. By using this textbook, students will be enthusiastic about communication, and therefore, their speaking/conversational skill will be improved rapidly. This textbook is designed to allow beginners to finish in four to five weeks.
Textbook Description Ⅱ
This book is intended to be an intensive textbook for foreigners who have learned some basic Chinese. This book consists of 40 lessons and 8 reviews. The 40 lessons encompass nearly 30 communicative functions such as "Greetings", "Making an Acquaintance", "Making an Inquiry", "Needs", "Making an Appointment", and "Traveling". It also introduces around 800 Chinese words and fundamental Chinese grammar. Each lesson is divided into six parts – Sentences, Conversation and Extension, New words, Grammar, and Exercises. This book emphasizes on improving the ability of learners to use Chinese for communication. Through study and practice you can acquire the ability to have simple conversations with the Chinese. Therefore, this textbook will help lay a solid foundation for further study.
Selective Chinese Traditional Culture Courses
Apart from Chinese language lessons, we also offer several courses on Chinese traditional culture for you to gain more insight into China,such as Chinese calligraphy, Chinese Painting, Chinese Paper Cutting, Chinese Songs, Chinese Seal-Carving, Tai Chi and Martial Arts, etc. These courses are fun to take and will not only help you improve your Chinese, but at the same time, deepen your understanding of Chinese culture and traditions. You are free to choose according to your own interest.

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Application Fee:  400 RMB  
Tuition Fee:         3000 RMB (4-week Program)

Accommodation (Self-paid) 
Short-term students will be arranged to stay at Tongji International Student Building. The rooms are equipped with TV, air-conditioner, fridge, desks, closets, bathroom (with 24h warm-water shower), etc. Kitchens, washing machines and dryers are available in the common area. The lodging fee will be 160 RMB per day.
Meals (Self-paid) 
There are several canteens (we will provide the canteen-card to everyone and you can charge it as your need) and cafeterias on campus, and even more Chinese or Western restaurants and bakeries within 10-minute walk around Tongji campus. Usually you can explore and enjoy various Chinese dishes and different cuisine styles for less than 50 RMB each day.
Add: Room 101, The International School of Tongji University, 
         67 Chifeng Road, Shanghai, China
         (The address in Chinese characters is 中国上海市赤峰路67号 同济大学国际文化交流学院) 
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