Tongji University, established in 1907, is one of the leading universities directly under the State Ministry of Education in China. After over one-century process, it has become to a comprehensive university with 9 disciplines, Sciences, Engineering, Medicine, Arts, Laws, Philosophy, Economics, Management and Education.

  The university now registers over 50,000 students at all levels from certificate and diploma courses to Bachelors Degrees, Masters, PhD programs and post doctoral attachments. There are over 6000 academic staff for teaching and/or research, among whom there are 6 Members of Chinese Academy of Science, 7 Members of Chinese Academy of Engineering, over 860 professors and 1380 associate professors. The university offers diverse courses in its 74 Bachelors Degrees, 263 Masters,14 professional Masters, 144 PhD programs and 19 post doctoral mobile stations. As one of the state leading centers for scientific research, the university has over 30 state key laboratories and engineering research centers, six affiliated hospitals and three affiliated schools. The university has four campuses covering 3857 mu.

  Tongji University boasts of five advantages, time-honored advantages of over one-century history, atmosphere advantage of rigorous study style, traditional advantage of strong teaching strengths, discipline advantage of Architecture, Civil Engineering, Ocean Science, Traffic and Transportation; International exchange advantage of windows to German ( Europe) ; Regional Advantage of standing in Shanghai oriented to metropolis internationalization; politics advantage of State Ministry of Education Authority to serve the national economic construction.