Confucius Institutes, non-profit educational organizations with Chinese-foreign joint efforts, are committed to meeting people all around the worlds needs of learning Chinese language, with the aim to promote different countries (regions) peoples knowledge on Chinese culture and language, to strengthen educational and cultural exchange between China and the rest of world, to develop the friendly relationship between China and other countries, and being devoted to the development of multi-cultural and harmonious world.


  Confucius Institutes explore the Chinese-foreign exchange and cooperation on Chinese language teaching, education and culture, etc. including Chinese language teaching, Chinese language teacher training and Chinese language teaching education resource output, Chinese language exams and Chinese language teaching qualification certificate, consultation on Chinese culture and education and other information, language and culture exchange programs home and aboard.


  Currently, Tongji University with the cooperation of overseas universities and educational institutions has set up three Confucius Institutes - Confucius Institute at J. F. Oberlin University in Japan, Hannover Confucius Institute in Germany, Kyung Hee University Confucius Institute in Korea, and two Confucius Classes - Takashima Confucius Class at J. F. Oberlin University Confucius Institute in Japan, and Osaka Confucius Class at Ritsumeikan University Confucius Institute in Japan.


  Confucius Institutes located in different parts of the world hold colorful teaching and cultural activities with full use of their local advantages, and gradually formed their distinctive patterns. The institutes as important platforms for people to study Chinese language and culture and learn contemporary China are well-received in local area.