Confucius Institute at Kyung Hee University in Korea


  Kyung Hee University Confucius Institute, located at International campus of Kyung Hee University, in the cooperation with Tongji University and Kyung Hee University. Since its official operation on April 2010, the Institute opens basic courses, conversation classes, new HSK tutorial classes and The Analects of Confucius class by Korean, are well received by local teachers and students. Kyung Hee University Confucius Institute also sets the Chinese Interest Courses in Suwon Vocational High School, one class lies in every two weeks, and one class lasts two hours.


  In addition, Kyung Hee University Confucius Institute is committed to cultural exchange and promotion with the great support of National Sinology Office, organizing the mutual-visiting between Korean and Chinese presidents of Primary and Middle Schools, student winter camp and summer camp, etc.


  Kyung Hee University Confucius Institute continues to promote Chinese and Chinese culture with various activities of teaching and culture experience, and strives to be the Chinese culture communication center in Korean Capital and Gyeonggi province area.