Hannover Confucius Institute in Germany


  Hannover Confucius Institute is cooperated with Tongji University and Germany Hannover Chinese Center (Registration Association). The institute is officially operated in the late June, 2007 after the agreement released on October 2006.


 Hannover Confucius Institute covers three parts of teaching: Institute Division, college public Chinese language courses, Chinese language experience courses in Primary and Middle Schools. The curriculum in Institute Division includes the Chinese language pre-courses and three levels: basic, intermediate and senior levels, of which the basic level is divided into different-progress classes. One semester sets 18 weeks, two hours and fifteen minutes (three academic hours) per week. The textbooks are self-selected (optional) materials and Contemporary Chinese. Hannover Confucius Institute opens Chinese optional courses to full-time students in Jacobs University Bremen and Brunswick - Wolfenbüttel University of Applied Sciences. One semester sets 14 weeks, 5 hours per week and 5-day intensive courses in the vacation. In addition, HSK test center in Hannover Confucius Institute bears the longest history in Germany, now the institute provides all levels of new Chinese language proficiency tests, and the exam outline is translated in English on the website.


 Culture promotion activity is still the focus in 2010, the starting point is the common history and cultural similarities and differences between China and Germany, which attracts thousands of audiences all around the year. Furthermore, lectures delivered by visiting scholars and expects from Hannover Confucius Institute itself play an important role to promote Chinese culture.


  Since 2009, Hannover Confucius Institute has successfully coordinated other Confucius Institutes in Germany to invite over one hundred German teachers and students to join the summer camp in China, this activity has received great support from German Joint Secretary of State Education Ministry and Chinese Education Department in German Embassy.