Osaka Confucius Class at Ritsumeikan University in Japan


  Osaka Confucius Class at Ritsumeikan University in Japan was established on 27th May, 2008 with the joint work of Tongji University and Ritsumeikan University. It is located in Osakas center  Umeda District, and offers Primary Chinese, Intermediate Chinese, Advanced Chinese and Business Chinese courses to the community.

  In Chinese culture promotion, Osaka Confucius Class invites Chinese artist delegation to to publicizing Chinese culture in Japan through public performances, holds Chinese Introduction lectures from time to time, and annual joint lectures organized by Tongji University and Ritsumeikan University Confucius Institute to introduce contemporary China, especially Shanghai economics development to Osaka citizens, winning warm applauses in local community. Besides, the Class organizes short-term Chinese summer school in China to promote the friendly exchange between Chinese and Japanese youths.