2019 Tongji International Collegiate Conference (4th notice)


2019 HEEDThe 5th International Collegiate Conference &

The 1st Tongji (Multilingual) International CollegiateConference

(The fourth notice for Tongji students)

It is our great pleasure to invite university students both in China and abroad to submit abstracts and full papers to the 5th International Collegiate Conference, which will be concurrently held in Tongji University and nearly 20 other universities and colleges across China on May 25th, 2019 (Saturday).

  This conference is co-hosted by China ESP Association affiliated to Association for Comparative Studies of English and Chinese (ACSEE) , China EAP Association (CEAPA) and Tongji University, and is organized by the Department of College English of Tongji University with the School of International Studies, Sino-Italian Campus, Sino-Spanish Campus, Sino-GermanInstitute of Engineering, Sino-French Institute of Engineering and Management, UN Environment-Tongji Institute of Environment for Sustainable Development as co-organizers.




AI-aidedSustainability & Innovation



-- AI-aided HumanExistence and Sustainability

-- AI-aided Environment and Sustainability & Innovation

--AI-aided EconomicDevelopment and Sustainability & Innovation

-- AI-aided “Made inChina” & “Made in Shanghai”



1. Participants

Undergraduate and graduate students of any discipline are welcome.


2. Forms of participation

--plenary presentation (15 min.= 12-min. speech+3 min.-Q&A)

--proposal presentation (10 min. = 8-min. speech+2 min.-Q&A)

--poster exposition (one page of A4 size)

1) Plenary presentations shall include: i) title, ii) introduction (background information and review of previous studies), iii) methodology, iv) results, v) discussion (comparing with previous findings and explaining the current findings), vi) conclusion (implications), vii) references.

2) The elements of proposal presentations shall be similar to those of plenary presentations except for the result and discussion sections. This new form of presentations is to provide achance for students to raise a question and come up with a way to solve it within a shorter time.

3) The electronic posters, which will be screen displayed at both the main venue and other venues, shall be 1920×1080 (horizontal), in the jpg format with high definition suitable for exhibition on a big screen.

3. Deadlines

1)English abstracts (in no less than 150 words with key words required) shall be submitted to the conference at one of the following addresses (available at the end of this notice) at your nearest convenience by April 20, 2019, including the topic, purpose of the study,research methods used, major findings of the study, and its implications. Presenter’s name, major, grade, school, department and email address shall be attached.

2)Letters of invitation will be sent out by April 30th, 2019.

  • Nominees for Excellent Papers, Research Proposals or Posters shall submit a paper of 1500 words, a research proposal of 500 words, or an electronic poster suitable for exhibition on a big screen by April 30th, 2019.


4. Awards, Prizes and Certificates

1) Awards

  1. Excellent Papers [Full text (1500 words or more)shall be submitted by April 30th.]

  2. Excellent Research Proposals [Full text (500 wordsor more) shall be submitted by April 30th.]

  3. Excellent PostersThe posters shall be submitted by April 30th.

2)Prizes and Certificates

All award-winners will be awarded prizes. All the presenters will be awarded certificates.


5. Venues

   The opening ceremony will be held and keynote speeches will be delivered at the auditorium on the 4th floor of Zhonghe Building, Siping campus of Tongji University on May 25th, which serves as the main venue. The ceremony and speeches will be telecast live to all other venues.

The parallel sessions will be held in the afternoon at Tongji and all the other venues simultaneously.

The interim agenda is as follows:

9:15-9:35     Opening ceremony

9:35-9:50     Keynote speech 1

9:50-10:05    Keynote speech 2

10:05-10:20   Tea break

10:20-10:35   Keynote speech 3

10:35-10:50   Keynote speech 4

10:50-11:05   Keynote speech 5

11:05-11:20   Keynote speech 6

11:20-11:35   Keynote speech 7

11:35-11:50   Keynote speech 8

11:50        Lunch break  

13:30-17:00   Parallel sessions 1, 2, 3, 4, 5, 6, 7, 8, 9,10

17:00-17:30   Closing and awarding ceremony


6. Signing up and Contact

Please refer to the 4th notice issued by China EAP Association (CEAPA) on March 7th,2019 for details of signing up for the English conference.

Please wait for further notice on signing up for the multilingual conference.

Tongji main venue contact: Mr. Li  raylxw@tongji.edu.cn


Tongji University (main venue)


Shandong University of Scienceand Technology venue:


Qufu Normal University venue:


Guangxi University venue:


Tianjin Polytechnic Universityvenue: https://www.pigai.org/index.php?c=v2&a=write&rid=1269517&eid=

Dalian University ofTechnology venue:


Zhejiang Agriculture &Forestry University venue:https://www.pigai.org/index.php?c=v2&a=write&rid=1269523&eid=

Xi’an Jiaotong Universityvenue:


Beijing Institute ofTechnology venue:


Huazhong University of Scienceand Technology venue:https://www.pigai.org/index.php?c=v2&a=write&rid=1269530&eid=

Ningxia University venue:


Kunming University of Science andTechnology venue:


Chongqing University venue:


Harbin Institute of Technologyvenue


Zhengzhou Institute ofTechnology venuehttps://www.pigai.org/index.php?c=v2&a=write&rid=1290604&eid=

North China Electric PowerUniversity venue:




China ESP Association affiliated to

Association for Comparative Studies of English and Chinese

China EAP Association

Departmentof College English, Tongji University

March 7th, 2019